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Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is the art of making your website find its feet amongst all the other competitors market space . With good SEO practice, it will make your website more easily found on popular search engines like Google and others like Yahoo and Bing.


At this time, the developments within the online space is very fast, and there are more and more companies setting up and competing within that same space. However, there is now intense competition on search engines which makes it much more difficult for companies to enter and be recognised. Realizing this condition, we provide SEO services that can help you increase web position, your product's visibility and also increase sales.

Search engine optimisation

Papdan.com is web design, web development and SEO company in Australia that provides the best SEO services for optimizing your website. Supported by SEO experts who are dedicated to research and analysis on how best to boost your website rank. We will ensure that your website shows up in page one of the search result. This is why our SEO Agency has become what is considered a professional and reliable SEO services provider. Our SEO Australia services are catered for SEO Melbourne, SEO services Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and more.

These are simple steps on how we perform SEO services for your website: Call us now for the best seo services.

  1. Inform us about your business website and about the keywords that you are targeting.
  2. We will analyze the keywords that are suitable for your website and determine how ranked well in the search results, but if you already have your chosen keywords, we can work with these too and provide suggestions around them.
  3. We will analyze the internal structure of your website for better SEO results.
  4. We will provide an estimated work time , cost and plan of attack.
  5. Our team will start working on your SEO schedule after payment is confirmed. We charge on a monthly basis and without a minimum contract. We guarantee that you will stay with us as the results will prove themselves.
  6. We will provide a fortnightly report about your SEO Services by email.
  7. We will ensure that your website shows up on page one of the search results as that is what

Terms of our seo services

Conditions of our service

  • The website does not contain malware
  • Your website is not current blacklisted by the search engines, especially Google. We can offer our cleanup services to get your website back in shape first.
  • There are no competing SEO services being performed at the same time.
  • Does not contain elements of racial and other activities prohibited by various laws
  • Basically, if we feel that you are not being genuine, then we can't provide our SEO services to you.

Note. If your website has a problem, we will be happy to sit down and discuss some solutions.

SEO Services Pricing

  • The keywords you select will be analysed by the internal Papdan.com seo team
  • The price of our service is usually determined by the number of keywords that we need to focus on. The more keywords, then the more work is required for both analysis, and content writing.

Optimisation techniques

  • We use 100% whitehat techniques that do not violate the provisions of Google search engine or other search engines.
  • For on-page optimization, we will provide instructions if there html code to be added, removed, or changed, and contact your web administrator to perform these instructions. If you do not have a web admin then you can give us access to your web coding to make changes. Changes to internal optimisation will not change the structure of your website on a large scale (unless it is recommended that you do so). All changes will be executed by us if you approve.

SEO success measurement

  • SEO work results will be checked using Google as the primary engine, using country of website location, for example: google.com.au
  • Our SEO Services will be considered successful when a predetermined number of the keywords reach page one of google.
  • The next stage of success factor is determined by helping to reach positions 1-5 on the first page for multiple keywords.
  • With our average positioning measurement, we can show monthly continuous improvement for your websites.

Our professionalism will provide the best results for your website and give you great return on investment

Your ROI is Our SEO.

SEO Melbourne