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WordPress Health Check-up


Why a periodic check-up might be necessary for your WordPress website:

Diagnose which parts of your website need optimization to increase the loading speed.

Determine if there are any technical problems as is typical in the case of themes & plugins. Themes and plugin conflicts are some of the most common issues with WordPress and they’re not always visible.

Identify any security gaps in your website and what you could do to secure them. Hackers will always find new loopholes to exploit so it’s important to stay ahead of them.

The quality of a website is a moving goalpost. What was exceptional 5 years ago might be simply mediocre now.

Check for any SEO issues that are hurting your rankings. Search engine algorithms are constantly updated and your SEO strategies have to keep up with these changes.

As part of this service, we will give you honest, unbiased advice on what steps to take to raise your website to the next level.

So what do I have to do?

For the first step, we start with your Website URL:

Not sure yet? Keep reading...

Don’t worry, all the heavy lifting will be carried out by our team. You can simply focus on improving your products, services, and the nitty-gritty details of running a business while we prepare our meticulous and detailed analysis on how your website is doing based on a set of pre-defined parameters and industry standards.

What exactly are those standards, you might ask? Glad to see you’re curious!
To begin with, here are some of the aspects we find are important for this:

How fast can your website be accessed?

Do you know the exact terms of your hosting plan? A website is only as capable as the server it’s hosted on and it is possible your web hosting service is saddling you with limitations that are negatively impacting how users are experiencing your website. This can impact anywhere from 50 to 200% speed improvement alone.

How well designed is your current website?

Not all WordPress themes are created equal and it’s certainly possible for a website to look stunningly good while also being a nightmare to work with on mobile devices. It’s also quite possible for your website to be burdened by additional functionalities and plugins you don’t need that are slowing your website unnecessarily. We have found that some WordPress themes can be almost 70% slower compared to a well optimised and well developed one.

How discoverable is your website?

By that I mean if I open Google at this exact moment and typed in some words revolving around your business, how deep am I going to have to dig before your website comes up in the result? Even if you think that you don’t necessarily need SEO right now, your website would still have to be set up in such a way that Google could easily tell what your website is all about and point the right traffic your way.

How secure is your website?

Running a WordPress website is a bit like walking with a red cape tied to your back during the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain; every hacker would very much love a piece of you. This is the downside of using the most common platform and you’re going to need every security measure imaginable to save yourself the trouble of waking up one day only to find a ransom note plastered over the homepage of your website.

With that out of the way,

it's time for your check-up...

Now, we're extremely good at what we do but we're no miracle workers so do give us some time to conduct our analysis. It should take us no more than a day or two for us to compile and prepare our findings.

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