What is Social Media?

Social media was a term that was coined near the early exploratory developments of MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and earlier similar web tools. These days, it is somewhat found a home on mobile technologies and apps, because by its nature, it’s so much easier to access or to snap and share a photo and share it using a phone device. It’s a network of portals that allows users to interact with each other, share information or ideas, and anything related to involvement in social networking. We offer you services in social media field starting from marketing strategies, content plans, to social media management. The purpose of social media services is not only to establish and maintain good communication with people in the world, but also to share and offer your ideas, creations, works, as well as the things you want to sell and promote.




Every business needs plans to succeed. There are many ways of planning business strategies, such as creating posters, flyers, brochures and spreading them to people, in order to gain as many customers as possible. Now, as time goes by, social media has taken over the creative ideas of many marketers, a tool created to enable users to share or create content or take part in social networking. This social networking can be used for promoting your business, and it is more convenient, as most people from the whole world have social media accounts and can directly see your business; only if you use the right techniques in promoting your business through social media, and we offer social media consulting service for you! We help clients plan their business strategies and contents for their social media pages/accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Strategy & Promotions

After completing analysis, we help clients form strategies for promotions, starting from creating unique contents based on the analysis results (new trends, what people like, their age, etc), giving informative and eye-catching details on products that will attract people’s attention, to planning for their brand awareness strategies.

Measurement & Monitoring

In order to make a business be more recognized by people on social media, a company has to measure and monitor what is happening around the online social media scene. Before writing any content for your business, analysis, monitoring, and measurement on social media conducts based on a few common social media goals are important. We assist clients in monitoring the latest trends and happenings on social media, targeting audiences (their age, their likes and dislikes, etc), as well as measuring awareness, engagement, drive traffic, etc.

Crisis Management

Managing social media pages/accounts means protecting it from bad reputation too. Where there is social activity, there will also be inevitable negative impacts called social media issue. Social media issue happens when there are some users sending negative comments on your social media page that need your fast response or actions. It can be in a form of customer service complaints, or social media content related disapproval. This issue can turn into crisis if not solved properly. Closing your comment section or responding to a feedback with negativity will only exacerbate the crisis. Don’t worry, we are here to help! We can assist you in creating social media issue or crisis management plan that will help identify problems, as well as find solutions in order to not only reduce or minimize the impacts, but also prevent more crisis in the future.


Expanding Network

Running a business sometimes can be discouraging when there is no connection, and sometimes it can lower your business potential. Networking is essential for your business success. Not only can it gain you more connections, but also give you profits from business opportunities. Also, there is nothing wrong with collaboration. Through collaboration, it can expand your network, not only business partners but also more customers will come into your business life! We help clients form an active business where customers and business partners are in your connection.


Direct Marketing

As time goes by, social media has become wider in function. One of the functions of social media asides from social communication is marketing. As most people use social media to interact with each other, it is also easier to promote products or services through social media. However, it should be noted that while it may be easy to promote your products on social media, it needs exceptional marketing strategies to make people notice and get interested in your product or brand qualities, and we are here to help you form marketing strategies through innovative ideas to create enticing contents on your social media, and implement active communication with your customers.

Well-Prepared Social Media Content

Prepare or Impair

Nowadays, social media has become a big part of marketing and business. Its content presentation mostly affects people’s decision on whether or not they should buy a product or a service. Realizing this, we are focused on expanding the scope and interest on your social media through creating useful, relevant, and eye-catching contents, designing unique style for your contents, as well as building interactive accounts/pages that actively and politely answer followers/customers’ questions.

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